Become a Safe Water September Ambassador

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Safe Water September Ambassadors are people who take their Safe Water September challenge to the next level by involving friends and family, building teams, and sharing the story with their communities. Anyone can be a Safe Water September Ambassador! 

We love how Ambassadors increase the impact of Safe Water September in their local churches, sports clubs, and schools. And they also increase the impact you have on communities in Zimbabwe and Vanuatu.

We have some tips for Ambassadors to help them get the most out of Safe Water September. If you’re an Ambassador – or maybe interested in becoming one! – don’t forget to download the Ambassador Kit from the Resources page.

Leading the Challenge

Know your team. Why are they taking the challenge? How do they like to be supported? Make sure they know you’re there to help them.

Share why you’re doing the challenge. Tell people why you’re passionate about safe water. Why are you investing your time and energy? Keep it simple and uncluttered. Develop a key phrase or short explanation of the challenge and why you’re doing it. Help your team do the same.

Involve your church or club leaders. Don’t try and lead by yourself! See if your church’s ministers, your club’s coaches, or your school’s teachers want to get involved and help connect you with other people who can lead alongside you.

Support your team creatively. Think outside the box, and find ways to help boost people who are struggling.

Community Building

You have three key communities to invest in: your church, club, or school community; your Safe Water September team; and your leaders or other Ambassadors.

With your community…

Place your community in the story. If you can, speak to your whole community when they gather, or submit an article to your community’s newsletter. Make it personal. You know your community; what will relate to them? If you don’t like to speak in public, find someone who loves it, or see if the embody and GMP team could come out for a visit.

With your Safe Water September team…

Spend time together. Celebrate, complain, and experience the challenge together. Have a launch event or Last Drinks, run a small group during September, and celebrate in early October. Meet regularly where you can.

Start a group chat. Connect your team online, if everyone’s okay with it. Commit to sending updates, memes, or whatever else suits your team so that they can stay in touch.

With your leaders and Ambassadors…

Make a team. Don’t run everything yourself. Get people to pray for you. Find a team to help you.

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