About embody

We’re a community, a movement of young people passionate about global mission, social justice and God’s Kingdom. We want to see freedom for the slave, food for the hungry, and enough for all. We know we have a part to play in the story of God’s justice and hope that has been at work for thousands of years before us – and you do too!

Our Story

In 2011 we started an experiment. We were passionate about God’s Mission and felt called to take action – and we knew we weren’t the only ones. So we started talking and dreaming with young people across the country. We talked, prayed and took action together. Through all this we found that it can be hard to know how to get involved, and that can be isolating.

That’s why we started embody.

Because we know God uses young people to change the world. We can’t sit on the sidelines, but we don’t have to do it alone. Across the country we’re building a community of young people who are standing up and changing the world.

In 2014 we launched Safe Water September, and through fundraising together have now given over 14,000 people access to safe water. Last year, in just one week almost 200 people prayed together for global mission. We’ve seen young people stand up and champion justice and hope to their communities.

So what’s next for embody? Come find out.

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Meet the team

Mitchell Salmon

Mitchell Salmon

National Coordinator
Mitch loves working alongside people with a passion for young people and a passion to change the world. He also loves writing, reading sci-fi and fantasy, playing board games and video games. He drinks lots of coffee, and tries to convince people he's not a snob about it. He is lying.

Emily Wood

Emily Wood

Network Developer
Emily has always been passionate about social justice, mission, and development. She has been exploring what it means to live out her faith in a way that promotes justice through work in the international aid sector, leading her to studying a Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development Studies at Western Sydney University.

Who is Global Mission Partners (GMP)?

Embody is the youth and young adults movement of GMP. Global Mission Partners has been around for over 125 years, and has its beginnings working in India.

GMP is a Christian international mission, relief and development organisation. They are a national agency, part of the Churches of Christ movement in Australia. They have long-term partnerships in Asia, the Pacific and Africa, which focus on Church Partnerships and Relief and Development and partner with Indigenous Ministries here in Australia.

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Through GMP, we help support local people who are taking action in their own communities. GMP partners in 11 countries, in areas of Church Partnerships and Relief and Development, as well as Indigenous Ministries here in Australia. We invest in and work through our partners, who God is using in a variety of global settings.

If you’d like to financially support our partners, the best way to do so is through Global Mission Parnters (GMP). You can find out more on their website.

If you’re looking to donate to Safe Water September head to: www.safewaterseptember.org.au

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Safe Water September is a challenge to drink nothing but water for the entire month of September, to raise funds for water projects in rural Zimbabwe. Every $20 you raise gives one person access to life-changing safe water. All funds raised go to our GMP partner Showers of Blessings. Find out more, or sign up at www.safewaterseptember.org.au.

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