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Mission Communities

A Coaching Network Supporting
Leaders of Young People

Participation in God’s mission of justice, reconciliation, and restoration is one of the markers of a healthy disciple who follows Jesus in what he did. embody Mission Communities help leaders connect young people with opportunities to live out God’s call to justice and restoration in the local, national, and global neighbourhoods.

What are Mission Communities?

A Mission Community is a group of 6-10 leaders, committed to their local ministry contexts, who come together on a regular basis to talk mission, develop plans, support one another, receive intentional one-on-one coaching, and grow as disciples of Jesus. They support you as you form healthy and growing disciples who are passionate about and participating in mission locally, nationally, and globally.

Who should apply for Mission Communities?

If you are looking for ways to involve young people in mission and justice work, but aren’t sure where to start or need a little more support to kickstart your involvement, spend a year as part of an embody Mission Community and lay the groundwork for you and your young people to flourish.

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Applications are now open for the 2022 cohort. Timely applications are appreciated before December 31. The first group session will take place before the end of January.

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