Blessings of a Bore Hole in Zimbabwe

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

In Ndiro Village, Zimbabwe, a group of men are standing around a drill. Some hold long cables, supporting the structure, and others push and pull a crank. They are drilling a bore hole. Soon, they will have created a source of water, right in their village. One of Ndiro’s leaders, Maxwell, stands in front of them, beaming proudly as he watches.

While there is a lot of pride around the bore hole, there’s also a lot of relief. 

“Really, we had a very serious problem, with our water situation,” Maxwell says. “We used to get our water from the rivers, where we find there is a lot of dead animals… you would just see it’s not suitable for human consumption… we just didn’t have any means of cleansing the water.

Maxwell is married, and has five kids. His wife Theresa had to make a trip to the river whenever they needed water. The water was often dirty, and they are afraid that they will encounter crocodiles and other dangerous animals.

“The river is infested, especially crocodiles and hippos, and it’s a risk to people… for mostly women, and little kids… it is very difficult for them to check how safe it is… but people have been doing it. This bore… apart from having clean water, it gives us a sense of security. We no longer have to go to the river to get water. As well, it’s clean water we are getting.”

Not having a source of clean water made it difficult for Maxwell and Theresa to keep their children healthy. There were sometimes outbreaks of diarrhoea and cholera, preventable water borne illnesses. They had to boil the water, or dissolve purification tablets in it to make it safe to drink. With limited supply, they needed to ration the water they used to grow and clean vegetables, and give to livestock.

Now, fresh, clean water will only be a few metres away. Now, their children can get safe, clean water. 

“If our kids get some water to go to school, they can just come and get their water, and go, we don’t have to check if it’s been boiled. If the water is safe, our nutrition is covered. It’s safe for food preparation, it’s safe for all purposes.”

It’s thanks to supporters of Safe Water September that Maxwell and Ndiro Village are able to dig this precious bore hole. Maxwell has heard about the challenge, and he is glad to hear about the supporters and all that they have done.

“We are so grateful about that. To have friends so far. If we can be brought together to share, come and see our country, and maybe, see what they have done for us. Safe Water September, thank you for what you have done for us.

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