Safe Water September

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Did you know that 663 million people don't have access to safe water? I'm sure you've read and seen ads on TV with similar facts. Unfortunately I think we also can become so desensitised to hearing it, that it never actually sinks in. Water is so accessible to us, even our local parks and beaches have water taps that are safe for us to drink. We use it to shower, wash our dishes, water our plants, wash our cars etc. Our animals are even given fresh water to drink and when their bowls get dirty we wash it out and fill it again. I don’t think we realise how much we use water and how easy it is for us to access! I think the problem sometimes can be that we feel so far away from the people who need water, we don’t feel we can be of any use. I think we also fall into the trap of looking at the millions and thinking 'how can I ever help all those people?’ We all do it… We get so overwhelmed by the number that we don’t even help the one! We don’t realise that we actually have the opportunity to help one. And one is a big deal! You're that one! I’m that one! People just like you and me we have that chance to change their lives. Take a moment to think about that... Let that sink in. Now you have had a moment to think, put it in to action! Take the Safe Water September Challenge to help change lives. Every $20 that is raised, one person gains access to safe water, communities are transformed and quality of life improves dramatically! Head to to sign up and get a team together. One Month. Just Water. Raise Funds. Change Lives Because Every Person Deserves Safe Water

Safe Water

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